Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Visitor

Some people celebrate the bleeding that marks two of the most significant changes in a woman's life--the transition from puberty to adulthood and the bleeding from consummating the marriage.

At sixteen, Susie haven't started having her "monthly visitor". She is both terrified and excited--terrified because something might be wrong with her and excited as this will mark a new stage of her life. She is curious as to how bleeding would feel. She wonders if it would be painful.

As she doesn't feel like a full grown woman yet, she allows herself to play with stuff toys. Before going to sleep, it is her habit to talk to her Care Bear and pray for her monthly visitor to appear while she sleeps.  She thought it would be painless that way.

Little does she know that a visitor will appear that night. Although the visitor is not want Susie prays for, her wish to bleed will be granted.


I cannot be online until next week, or maybe much later. This is a scheduled automatic post.


Andrea said...

The Vampire Lady is awesome. Her mouth looks so real.

Umh, yes. And when you are in full swing of getting a monthly visitor you feel like a vampire is sucking up all your blood, if you don't fight it with choclate. wink.

D7ana said...

Oh no! Poor Susie.

(Covering my eyes) Cannot bear to see it. (Peeping anyway, lol.)

Niel said...

Thanks Andrea. I did implant "fangs" on her. :)

Don't worry Dana. Carmilla's MO doesn't include killing, just tasting. :)