Friday, October 19, 2012


I have not been blogging since I am busy looking for my daughter. I only went online because someone told me that there was news about my daughter. I'm glad that she is alive but I don't know where she is. I'm more determined to find her now.

While I was looking for her, I chance upon a small room. I thought Puypuy could be inside so I took a peep. I was surprised with what I saw. It was magic!

Someone was teaching three kids some magic tricks. I stayed for a while to learn as much as I could. I saw them make a rabbit appear and disappear. Maybe I can make Puypuy appear.

Magic sure is hard. I need some more time to practice. That is why I might not be able to go online as often.

Until next time,


D7ana said...

Hi Lolita! Good luck learning magic and finding your daughter. I miss seeing Puypuy.

Andrea said...

Love the pic with you peeking through the window.

A little magic might come handy in your quest of finding Puypuy.

Niel said...

Hi ladies.

Sorry Lolita can't reply right now.

We all miss Puypuy so the next entry will be about Puypuy.