Thursday, October 11, 2012

Missing Puypuy

Do you know that feeling when you realize that you have been filling a void with the wrong stuff? I have been begging Niel for some attention. I have been fantasizing about different girls. I have distracted myself with toys. I didn't realize that the void I'm trying to fill was a special place for someone.

I accidentally found Snow White today. I thought she looked familiar and then it came back to me. She was my daugther Puypuy's doll. Back then, there was no dark-skinned princess. I picked Snow White for my daugther because she knew how to do household chores even if she was a princess. I heard Cinderella stop doing the chores when she became a princess. It was easier that way to teach Puypuy how to do the dishes and stuff with Snow White around.

When Puypuy and Snow White were together, it was like they were in a world of their own. They were always talking, which scared me a bit but I figured it was just part of growing up.

One day, Puypuy asked for my help. She wanted the fairy tales to be rewritten to include at least one dark-skinned princess. Everybody thought she was stupid. Who would dare rewrite fairy tales? But Puypuy was strong-willed. She never stopped complaining. It didn't matter if no one listened. We all know how that story turned out.

As I was reminded of my daughter's determination, I was filled with a renewed strength. I'm determined to find my daugther.


D7ana said...

I miss Puypuy, too. Where is she?

(Snoopy me wants to know ;-D)

Lolita said...

Hi Dana.

I think Niel hid her and he forgot where. :(