Monday, May 28, 2012

Are People Wising Up?

Mattel Income Slides on Drop in Barbie Sales

Mattel’s profit down 53% on drop in sales for Barbie, Hot Wheels

From now on...  

I will no longer advertise Barbie products for free. 
(Yes, that's what blogs are, free ads.)

I will only talk about Barbie products which satisfy any of the following criteria...
1. OOAK or modified dolls
2. Vintage
3. ONLY available from secondary market (at least the profit doesn't go directly to Mattel)
4. Doll items on sale (with at least 40% discount) from the primary market.
...until Mattel decides to produce good quality and fair-priced dolls.

The rule will be broken only if I'm paid to talk about the dolls currently available in the market.

We have been (consciously or not) telling our fellow hobbyists to buy and buy more dolls but recently, Mattel has been producing dolls not even worthy to mention.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It scares me

It scares me. All those people I don't know, sometimes they're so emotional. I mean, if they love you that much without knowing you, they can also hate you the same way.
- Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Labor Day

Even superheroes need a holiday; time for noynoying.

Action Figures are Dolls

doll   [dol]
a small figure representing a baby or other human being, especially for use as a child's toy.

When I was still closeted and homophobic, I played with action figures and treated them as dolls. Now I can play with both fashion dolls and action figure dolls [redundant].