Monday, October 30, 2017

From the stockpile

It has been years since I got her. I have dressed her in numerous outfits. I have taken a lot of photos of her. The thrift shop where I got her from has closed down. I have acquired new and more expensive dolls that didn't quite give me joy as she did. She remains a favorite. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Marvel Universe Jessica Jone aka Jewel

Despite the reduced articulation for the recent 4-inch Marvel Legends or more popularly known as Marvel Universe dolls, I was really interested in this Jessica Jones figure. It might be due to her unicorn-inspired color scheme. Who doesn't love pink hair, right?

She also has a good face sculpt, one of the prettiest for the toy line, to be honest. Her hair is gorge, not over the top. Her face is painted perfectly. She could use a lighter expression to match her unicorn-inspired look, though. Her tough expression is more appropriate to her jaded version. It was in her happier and naive days when Jessica Jones went by the name Jewel and wore this costume. A number of tragedies transformed her to a tough and serious character portrayed in the Netflix series.

If it wasn't for her molded belt, I would have bought a number of her. Without her belt, she could be a great base for custom female figures. It's good thing I only bought one, though. She has problematic knees.

Despite her shortcomings, I decided to get her at full price since we rarely get female characters. When we do, they usually sell out instantly.  And this is my first Marvel character with pink hair!

Monday, October 23, 2017

More Conversion

Here is the Jessica Jones action doll. This costs PhP749.75 while Hasbro sells it online for US$12.99. This is distributed locally by Playkit.

And here is the comparison of price conversion of some toys from Hasbro and Mattel.

From Mattel (distributed locally by Richwell/Richprime)
- Barbie 2017 Holiday doll = US$39.95 = PhP3,999.75 (PhP100.12 per US$)
- Barbie Fashionista = US$9.99 = PhP999.75 (PhP100.07 per US$)
- Justice League True-Moves (12-inch doll) = US$9.99 = PhP899.75 (PhP90.07 per US$)
- Justice League basic figure (6-inch) = US$9.99 = PhP899.75 (PhP90.07 per US$)

From Hasbro (distributed locally by Playkit)
- Star Wars Forces of Destiny doll = US$24.99 = PhP1,999.75 (PhP80.02 per US$)
- Star Wars (12-inch basic figure) = US$9.99 = PhP799.75 (PhP80.06 per US$)
- Marvel Legends Series (6-inch) = US$19.99 = P1,499.75 (PhP75.03 per US$)
- Marvel Legends Series (4-inch) = US$12.99 = PhP749.75 (PhP57.72 per US$)

The US$ prices are the prices posted on Habro or Mattel online shops. The PhP prices are the local retail prices prior to discounts, if any.

What a difference!!!