Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jianidi Doll + Fan Bingbing Barbie

For those wondering how the Jianidi doll works as a body donor to the poorly articulated expensive Barbie dolls with the Peace skin tone, here is a photo.

The Jianidi doll is slightly paler than the Peace skin tone but it can easily be overlooked. It just seems as if Fan is blushing.

Also in the photo is Edeline Barbie (12 Dancing Princesses) head on another clone body with the Peace skin tone.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jianidi Doll (Comparison)

The Jianidi doll is about the same size as a Barbie Fashionista. They can share clothes and shoes.

The Jianidi head is also bloated like the current playline Barbie. The hairstyle also makes the Jianidi head look bigger.

The skin tone is a little paler than the Edeline doll (from the 12 Dancing Princesses line). A comparison photo between the Jianidi doll and the Fan Bingbing doll might be posted later.

The wrist joint has a gap unlike Barbie's. The waist also allows for a mild twisting but lacks the bust joint.

The idea of letting a doll wear both flat and heeled shoes is a nice idea but there should be some mechanism to prevent the foot from returning to a "flat" position especially if it is wearing heels.

For less than US$10, this doll is a good buy. I might get another if it wasn't such a hassle getting one.

Jianidi Doll (Out of the box)

Since it has a different foot compared to a regular Barbie doll, the fit of Barbie shoes on a Jianidi doll is a concern. Luckily, the shoe fits.

It wasn't apparent in the previous blog post that the name of the doll is Jianidi. The collage below shows the Jianidi label, on the lower back of the doll, the dress, and the top cover of the box.

Jianidi Doll (Box Photos)

This doll was bought from a seller based in Divisoria.  Their store is located in one of those older buildings (not 168 nor 999), the name of which I have forgotten.

It is the same size as a Barbie doll, and its joints are similar to Barbie Fashionista. I guess it can be called a Barbie clone.

Here is the doll in the box and the back of the box. The doll did not came with any footwear, probably to showcase its jointed ankle.