Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jianidi Doll + Fan Bingbing Barbie

For those wondering how the Jianidi doll works as a body donor to the poorly articulated expensive Barbie dolls with the Peace skin tone, here is a photo.

The Jianidi doll is slightly paler than the Peace skin tone but it can easily be overlooked. It just seems as if Fan is blushing.

Also in the photo is Edeline Barbie (12 Dancing Princesses) head on another clone body with the Peace skin tone.


Troy said...

How difficult is it to change heads between bodies for those of us who haven't tried it? There are several Barbies that I would like to buy, but I just don't want to buy unarticulated bodies. Fan Bingbing is one of them, so I like that you've done it with her.

Any tips would be appreciated!

Niel said...

It is easier for soft heads like the Mattel dolls especially if you have familiarized yourself with the neck prongs used in the Barbie dolls so you'll know what keeps the head in place and how to maneuver the head off the mechanism. I suggest practicing with a cheap Barbie doll you won't mind damaging.

Niel said...

This blog helps:

Troy said...

Thank you for the link!