Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jianidi Doll (Comparison)

The Jianidi doll is about the same size as a Barbie Fashionista. They can share clothes and shoes.

The Jianidi head is also bloated like the current playline Barbie. The hairstyle also makes the Jianidi head look bigger.

The skin tone is a little paler than the Edeline doll (from the 12 Dancing Princesses line). A comparison photo between the Jianidi doll and the Fan Bingbing doll might be posted later.

The wrist joint has a gap unlike Barbie's. The waist also allows for a mild twisting but lacks the bust joint.

The idea of letting a doll wear both flat and heeled shoes is a nice idea but there should be some mechanism to prevent the foot from returning to a "flat" position especially if it is wearing heels.

For less than US$10, this doll is a good buy. I might get another if it wasn't such a hassle getting one.


Meli Leen said...

Hello! I love this! looks so amazing, where did u get the doll?


Niel said...

I bought this one online. Do a Google search to find which sites sell them. You can also try Divisoria if you want to buy it offline.