Friday, March 10, 2017


After I finished the living room layout, I was ready to create the room box. Since I still have to get the materials in building the room, I decided to design the other rooms to see how those will be connected to the living room. After I included the other rooms in the design, I found out that my initial design for the living room is not acceptable, so I rearranged everything. Good thing it was easy with Planner 5D.

I wanted to keep the space  humble so I didn't want to keep increasing the room just because I could. I also wanted to design the house as if I would actually live in it. Details like the TV should be visible from the kitchen is a must. I also incorporated some feng shui tips I heard about, especially aligning doors, mirrors and beds.

Although I have incorporated the sizes of some items in hand, like the miniature bed, table, door and window, I still have to look for the kitchen set and measure it. If the kitchen set I have is bigger than the one in the plan, I may have to increase the kitchen in the plan, so nothing is set in stone.

The bedrooms are laid out but I still have to decide what wall color works best with a white bed, because that's what I have. The rooms lack any personality but I seem to like the nondescript-ness. There's a disconnect from the other rooms, though.

I wonder how these small spaces translate to an actual doll room box. Would it look too cramped? Can I properly take pictures from different angles?  I don't want to have to exert a lot of effort on the details and not be able to take pictures of it. I have a lot of considerations, I know!

Aside from the desktop version, Planner 5D also has an Android app. There's not much that can be done in the app but it keeps me entertained when I'm away from my desktop.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Virtual Room Box

Have you attempted creating a doll room box, starting from the floor, to the walls, to the little furniture only to find out that they don't match, or the room is too small for the furniture? If only you can get an idea of how things will be laid out or if the colors scheme is to your liking, you'd be more confident in starting a room box project. Since not all of us have an experience in interior design, chances are, our room boxes doesn't end up they way we imagined it.

Now, there is a tool that can help us turn the imagination into a plan. By plan, I mean measurements, layout, and tested color scheme. You can try Planner5d and create a virtual room box in both 2D and 3D.

The site is so easy to use. You can use the metric or English measurement system. For my room, I used the English system so it will be easier for me to convert to the right doll size. Although you need a paid account to access all the items you can add into the room, the free account has enough items you can use to stand in for the actual item you intend to use in your room box. Like the window I used here, it won't be how my window will actually look. I just want the frame to be that size and in that color.

The size and color of the items can be modified. You can move in and around the room in 3D mode. The wall can be made invisible if it blocks your view, like the 4th wall here.

I've been learning more about making dollhouse stuff and I really want to make one. After making this virtual room box, I think I'm gonna go ahead and make one. Even if you are not going to make an actual room box, there's a good chance you'll still enjoy creating a virtual room.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Asgardian Squad

I don't like Thor. (By Thor, I mean Marvel's Thor not the Norse god he was based on.)  He's a classic example of a white privileged man. I doubt he would be worthy of Mjölnir, the hammer, if he wasn't the son of Odin. Gods! I know right?

In the Avengers, Thor takes the role of a dumb blonde. I heard that in the upcoming Thor movie, they will showcase Thor's dumbness more making the story more comic than the 1st two. I just hope that something tragic, like Odinson's death, will cap off all the dumbness. I think it's just as natural as any twist or irony. Plus, I can't wait for a female Thor to grace the silver screen.

If there's something I like about Thor, it's his squad. Thor has an Asian ally! Hogun is probably the first Asian action doll from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I know I had to get him. Thor also has a Black ally, Heimdall, but I still have to get me a Heimdall doll. The Lady Sif doll was harder to get because of not many were created to propagate the idea that female action dolls don't sell. (It is important to note that I started collecting these doll when I was able to buy Thor, Iron-man and Captain America dolls at heavily reduced prices because they didn't got sold.) Now, if only they make Fandral bisexual, that would be great. I only got Fandral and Volstagg because I don't want to break up the Warriors Three.

Heimdall is stationed at the Bifrost so he doesn't join much in Thor's battles, so I think I've completed Thor's squad. I wouldn't have been able to do so if the 4-inch figures are still popular. Many collectors are quitting their collection making it easier for me to complete my Asgardian squad.