Friday, March 10, 2017


After I finished the living room layout, I was ready to create the room box. Since I still have to get the materials in building the room, I decided to design the other rooms to see how those will be connected to the living room. After I included the other rooms in the design, I found out that my initial design for the living room is not acceptable, so I rearranged everything. Good thing it was easy with Planner 5D.

I wanted to keep the space  humble so I didn't want to keep increasing the room just because I could. I also wanted to design the house as if I would actually live in it. Details like the TV should be visible from the kitchen is a must. I also incorporated some feng shui tips I heard about, especially aligning doors, mirrors and beds.

Although I have incorporated the sizes of some items in hand, like the miniature bed, table, door and window, I still have to look for the kitchen set and measure it. If the kitchen set I have is bigger than the one in the plan, I may have to increase the kitchen in the plan, so nothing is set in stone.

The bedrooms are laid out but I still have to decide what wall color works best with a white bed, because that's what I have. The rooms lack any personality but I seem to like the nondescript-ness. There's a disconnect from the other rooms, though.

I wonder how these small spaces translate to an actual doll room box. Would it look too cramped? Can I properly take pictures from different angles?  I don't want to have to exert a lot of effort on the details and not be able to take pictures of it. I have a lot of considerations, I know!

Aside from the desktop version, Planner 5D also has an Android app. There's not much that can be done in the app but it keeps me entertained when I'm away from my desktop.

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