Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I got surprised by...

1. The appearance of another wave of Marvel Infinite Series (formerly called Marvel Universe) action figures in a major toy store. I've only seen them in secondary shops last year and they're usually loose or not in original packaging. I skipped buying the Wonder Man figure since it wasn't a priority figure for me. I expected it to be less popular like the 1st version so it will be a peg warmer as well. I wanted to buy it later but when I was ready, it was no longer available. I'm glad to get another chance.

2. The price of the figure is 33% off. But then again, it was the regular price for early last year. At least, it was being offered for a price I'm willing to pay. It is also the same price in secondary markets so I guess they're just being competitive with the pricing.

3. The price was further reduced by 20% when the cashier scanned the item. It could be a glitch in their system or the tag price is wrong. Either way, it's good for me.

When I was younger, I saw an art work depicting Wonder Man. I instantly had a crush on the fictional character. I also liked that the character is not flat. He has sided from good to evil and back to good again. Kinda reminds me of myself today, turning good or evil, depending on the situation.

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