Friday, January 16, 2015

Hasbro price increase

Hasbro toys specifically the 4-inch action figure line recently increased their prices by at least 30% in the US. Locally, the price increased by 50% long before the manufacturer increased the price.

Collectors resisted buying locally. A lot imported the Marvel Universe figures. It cost less to import than to buy locally. The result: there are a lot of peg warmers in local toy stores.

If we consumers collectively disagree with the price scheme, we can collectively boycott their products. (The reduced articulation is also another reason to boycott the new Marvel Universe Infinite Series line.)

This, I think is what happened locally. The local distributor had no choice but to revert their prices. That is why I got me these new figures last night. The Wasp figure (my 2nd) will be used for a custom.

I keep telling everybody that we consumers pay the employees of the toy manufacturers. We are their bosses. If we don't like their work, why should we pay them?

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