Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Once Upon a Time


Andrea said...

You crack me up. What a way to be kissed awake, lol.

Do I sense a mother daughter reunion?

I'm sure Lolita would love that.

Alrunia said...

But imagine a Kiss the size of your whole torso. You could eat chocolate for a week!
LPS Blythes are the cutest mischevious little gnomes ever.

Lolita said...

I went online as I heard the news. I'm teary eyed to learn that Puypuy is alive.

Hi Andrea. I'll make sure that there will be a reunion. :)

Hi Alrunia. Those LPS Blythes (so that is what they are called) may be cute but they shouldn't hurt my daughter, or else...
And no, my daughter is still the cutest!!! :P

Vanessa said...

Hilarious! Thanks for my afternoon laugh.