Monday, October 1, 2012

September Loot

I have been monitoring my toy spending. So far, this year, 47% of my toy expenditure went to dolls. The 53% went to action figures. For the last six months, 73% was for action figures, while 86% for the last 3 months. Last month, 99.2% was for action figures!

I only got myself one doll item last month, and it's not even a complete doll, just the head. I got a Kira head with a bad afro ponytail which I decided to customize to be a wig-able doll. I want her to look a bit flirty but so far, she looks like this:

Kira, a work-in-progress

It is interesting to note this change in my toy spending. This reflects the change on what I find interesting. Eventually, I will be blogging more about my action figures (or action dolls, as I call them) here.

September Loot


Andrea said...

I'm pretty curious how the Kira will turn out when you got her repainted.

Quite a loot in action dolls.

Niel said...

Thanks. I may be able to go back repainting Kira after halloween. I'll post the result when I'm done. :)