Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Forgotten Files: Leanara

It has been over two years since I played with Leanara. It was in May2010 when I first posted her photo online (Flickr). She looked so vibrant then. Looking at her 2010 photo reminded me how happy I was when I scored her. I love her bright red hair. I also love her eyelashes. The glitter make-up just makes her look so much fun. She looked happy, as happy as I was back then.

A lot of things has changed since then. I decided to shrink her head. The acetone damaged the glitter but her the rest of her eyeshadow remained. I didn't know if this made her look sad. Or because she was in storage for two long years. For two long years, I ignored her as I played with other dolls, dolls which I eventually forgot about, like Leanara.

Last Saturday I decided to play with her. I put her in a dress I intentionally made for a model muse body but the dress has a wide hip that made the model muse legs extra skinny. I think it works well for belly button bodies. The dress was inspired by Krikor Jabotian's 2010 collection.

I wanted to capture the same smile on Leanara's 2010 photo but I was having a difficulty. She looked sad the whole shoot. Her smile seemed forced. Maybe she knew, that after this, I'll forget her all over again, as I think of a new doll to buy.


Andrea said...

Oh boy, she really looks very melancholy. May be the sad look is even enhanced by the bare autumn background.

She is such a beautiful doll. She needs to come out of storage more often.

She totally escaped me when she was in stores because I never really looked at the fairy stuff. But thankfully I was lucky scoring her at a fleamarket and she original hairstyle was untouched.

Niel said...

Thanks Andrea. I don't know how I can play with her more often. Right now, other dolls inspire me more. :)