Thursday, November 1, 2012

Forgotten Files: Liz

I remember hunting for a reasonably priced Elizabeth Taylor doll online for a number of months. I waited patiently for a good deal. When I finally got her, I rebodied and redressed her and that was that. She went in storage. That was in December 2010. That was almost two years of being forgotten.

I was never inspired to make a dress for her, until recently. I'm happy with what I came up with. I call this fashion "Feels Like Heaven." I observed in Liz's style is that she liked to accentuate her narrow waist and décolletage. I made sure those details are present in my simple dress.

November 1 is when our nation we commemorate the dead and now, I commemorate my Liz doll with this entry. After this, she once again will rest in peace.

Still not online. This is another scheduled automatic post.


Vanessa said...

Your doll is beautiful and that dress is perfect for her. Hope to see her again in the near future.

Andrea said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful doll. She looks very serene and ethereal in your gorgeous evening gown.

She is the Liz that originally came in the purple dress, if I'm not mistaken.

When the Liz Taylor dolls came out I was in a Liz frenzy and simply had to have all three of them. No chance she will be forgotten here. The three Liz dolls share the front row of a doll shelf opposite to the entry door of my doll room.

D7ana said...

She looks fantastic, Niel! Which body did you use for her? And thanks for sharing that if you decide to do so ;-D

Niel said...

Thanks Van but Liz does want to make an appearance in my blog unless she has a new dress. :)

Wow, Andrea. I could just imagine your doll display. One Liz already makes me happy and you have three. :)

Thanks Dana. I used a Hollywood nails (?) body. I just reshaped the hands.