Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Madelman Action Figure

I recently got a two pack modern Madelman action figure on sale.  These are 6.5-inch action figures produced by a loooong defunct Spanish company called Popular de Juguetes (PDJ). These figures are  a lot lot lot less popular  compared to the vintage Madelman. That is why the PDJ version are usually sold cheap.

I have been curious about the action figure initially because I thought it would be in the same scale as my Heidi Ott (HO) dolls. Although I already knew that they are taller, I was still curious as their props and clothes might still work with the HO's dolls. I left my HO dolls in the province so they were not included in the comparison photo.

From left to right: modern Madelman, Breyer doll, Britney Spears doll and Aaron Carter doll

The Madelman figures were in military attire, which I don't usually want on my dolls. The thing that made me buy are actually the two pairs of boots. HO shoes are expensive!!! Getting two pairs for US$4+ dollars is a good deal. I'm hoping they will fit the HO dolls. In the mean time I tried them on other dolls that more or less have the same foot size as the HO's like Licca and Skipper. I did have to slit the back part of the boots to allow the feet to slide in.

I have found out that some action figure props can be used in smaller dolls. More about that in the next entry.

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