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Friday, February 26, 2016

Mini-Dolls Comparison

From left to right:
Compact doll by Takara
Grandmother doll by Town Square
Grandfather doll by Horsman
Father doll by Horsman
Unknown doll by Simba
Unknown doll by unknown manufacturer
Customized Heidi Ott doll
Longlocks doll by Topper
Aaron Carter doll by Play Along
Britney Spears doll by Play Along
Unknown doll by Breyer
Madelman doll by Popular De Juguetes

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Topper Dolls

According to Who's That Doll?, these dolls are both Longlocks.

They have been in storage for a while now. They came nude and I wasn't in the mood to sew such small clothes. I got their fashion from another doll line. I forgot which one, They are wearing clone Barbie fairy shoes.

I got them from a swap with another collector from another country. I believe they were swapped for a Barbie size wig. I wish I can play with them more but I just have too many toys to play with. And to think I still plan to buy more toys.

I wonder if other people get that feeling that they have more than enough toys yet they want more.  I wonder if other people play with a toy while thinking of or wanting another toy to play with.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Madelman Action Figure

I recently got a two pack modern Madelman action figure on sale.  These are 6.5-inch action figures produced by a loooong defunct Spanish company called Popular de Juguetes (PDJ). These figures are  a lot lot lot less popular  compared to the vintage Madelman. That is why the PDJ version are usually sold cheap.

I have been curious about the action figure initially because I thought it would be in the same scale as my Heidi Ott (HO) dolls. Although I already knew that they are taller, I was still curious as their props and clothes might still work with the HO's dolls. I left my HO dolls in the province so they were not included in the comparison photo.

From left to right: modern Madelman, Breyer doll, Britney Spears doll and Aaron Carter doll

The Madelman figures were in military attire, which I don't usually want on my dolls. The thing that made me buy are actually the two pairs of boots. HO shoes are expensive!!! Getting two pairs for US$4+ dollars is a good deal. I'm hoping they will fit the HO dolls. In the mean time I tried them on other dolls that more or less have the same foot size as the HO's like Licca and Skipper. I did have to slit the back part of the boots to allow the feet to slide in.

I have found out that some action figure props can be used in smaller dolls. More about that in the next entry.