Friday, February 26, 2016

Mini-Dolls Comparison

From left to right:
Compact doll by Takara
Grandmother doll by Town Square
Grandfather doll by Horsman
Father doll by Horsman
Unknown doll by Simba
Unknown doll by unknown manufacturer
Customized Heidi Ott doll
Longlocks doll by Topper
Aaron Carter doll by Play Along
Britney Spears doll by Play Along
Unknown doll by Breyer
Madelman doll by Popular De Juguetes

I have never fully enjoyed my miniature dolls. It's harder to make clothes for them. Some of their clothing articles are as small a presser foot of a sewing machine, they have to be sewn by hands. Closing mechanisms like snaps, velcro and hooks sometimes add bulk to their clothes so they have to be sewn on the doll.

I have also a Lilac Rockflower doll (not pictured), two other Takara compact dolls, another Longlocks doll and 3 other Madelman dolls. I would have disposed of these mini-dolls since I rarely play with them, except maybe the Heidi Ott (HO) dolls. I kept them since they don't take up too much space. Plus my HO dolls need company, right?


Oly said...

Dati hindi ako nagkocollect ng maliit kasi alam kong mahirap nga sila damitan pero ewan ko, natutuwa ako kahit papaano na ang liit liit nila pero manyika sila. Saka madali ngang itago kahit marami na.

Ayoko lang sa Takara compact doll e pwedeng mabutas ang katawan dahil sa wire pag pinopose ang arms at legs.

Oly said...

At ngayon ko lang napansin na ang laki ng ulo ng Simba doll diyan!

Niel said...

Totoo yung sa Takara! Ang cute lang nila...