Thursday, February 11, 2016

And Now

I noticed that the Get Real Girls body is a tall body. Note that she is wearing flats in the photo. If she were to wear heels, she'll be a lot taller. She has big feet.

Another alternative to the tall Barbie bodies are the Integrity doll bodies, like the African-American on the left. Of the 3 new Barbie body types, the tall body is receiving the least amount of praise since there are better articulated tall dolls around. If ever I will be getting any tall Barbie, I only will be getting it for the head, so I will wait until they are on sale. If stocks run out, it's no big deal.

Have you ever wondered how much a doll collector spends on looking forward--whether it's looking forward for a doll to be released on the toy shelves, looking forward to when the doll arrives to our homes, looking forward to complete a diorama, looking forward to complete a doll line? Looking forward entails hope for a future happiness. That is not such a bad thing unless you look at it another way. Rephrase the question. How much do you spend looking forward instead of enjoying the current moment?

Looking forward means pining and waiting. That means something is lacking in the current moment, that without it a certain level of happiness is not achieved. It involves a certain sadness, really. Who wants that?

And how much control do we have on our future? Very little. The doll maybe lost during shipping. The doll may not be released locally. You may not have the funds when they arrived in the toy stores. You have to face a situation that takes your attention away from your dolls. No one can say what the future will bring. Cliche but true. So why place happiness on the future?

Unlike the future, the current moment is something we can control. For instance, instead of feeling bad for not having the new dolls, I decided to enjoy the dolls that I have now, like some of the ones in the photo above. I have never really appreciated them before as they felt out of place with my other dolls. It is just now that I feel that they can be integrated with my other dolls without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Instead of focusing on what I don't have or what I will have in the future, I can shift my focus to what I have now to make me happy now.

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