Monday, February 22, 2016

Take the picture

If there was something I was looking forward to last weekend, it was making this dress inspired by the red Dior dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence in this year's Golden Globes. I made the cutouts larger to make it more visible on a small doll's body. I like the dress for its simplicity. The cutouts reminded me of the 60's but it looks very fashion forward. This dress is timeless. It's a must have for every dolly wardrobe.

I do not have a JLaw doll but I think my Aubrey has enough star power. I added a chiffon shawl so she can reenact a scene from Funny Face. Aubrey is a clone (from head to toe) OOAK doll inspired by Audrey Hepburn. She's one of my favorites, both the doll and the actress. I like Aubrey so much because she shares the same cheerful vibe you get from Audrey.

This dress is so simple and easy to make. You only need two pieces of pattern. The cutouts will show the inside of the dress so, it should be lined to keep it looking clean. Not only does the dress look interesting from the front, it also doesn't disappoint from the back.

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