Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Go Make Your Own Happiness

I have always felt alienated from the privileged collectors from the West. Whenever they post something that is not available locally I am overcome with this sense of materialistic envy. I'm not saying that others should stop flaunting their toy hauls. I have no right to say that. Plus, placing the responsibility of my happiness on others is just so wrong. I just want to name what I'm feeling: alienation and envy. I'm just owning it. Like I've said before, I can handle some negativity. 

They say that the first step in transforming anything is owning it. One cannot change what one has no control over. One way of taking control is owning it. I have made use of other's toy photos to make myself a petite doll. I can do the same to make an overweight doll.  The envy can be transformed into creativity. The alienation is what offers this different perspective and flavor to my blog. I haven't read a doll blog like mine. So there.

The stiff Barbie Fashionista with the new body types are not yet available locally. I like the concept but not the lack of articulation. Lammily isn't available locally at a reasonable price. There is a someone selling a Rosie O'Donnell doll since last year but I have been putting off buying it.  The seller then offered it at a lower price so that sealed the deal. I'm not a Rosie fan and I have a spare Raquelle head. I'm glad that I don't have to shrink another huge head. After a wardrobe change, I was inspired to make this video:

Dressing her up is more challenging than dressing the new curvy Barbie.  The curvy Barbie can share a lot of the original Barbie's clothes. My overweight doll can't but she is inspiring enough to make me sew more clothes for her. 


Oly said...

If I'm not mistaken may nakakapagbenta rin ng Cheetah Girls na doll online, yung kay Raven Symone e malaki siyang babae kaya pwede yun for plus size tapos dark skintone pa.

Niel said...

Kung tama pag search ko, parang payat braso nya para sa plus size na manika. Isang kaso ng tinimbang ngunit kulang. Hihihi.

TM said...

Some of us collectors from the west are crying over the rarity of locally acquiring cute, big-eyed Japanese dolls there in the east...unless that's just me...LOL!

Niel said...

If you're referring to the Blythe or Pullip dolls, they are hard to acquire here as well. They are not sold in major toy stores. I'm talking about dolls that are on the toy shelves of regular (not specialty) toy stores. Playline, that's what I'm talking about. ;)