Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Topper Dolls

According to Who's That Doll?, these dolls are both Longlocks.

They have been in storage for a while now. They came nude and I wasn't in the mood to sew such small clothes. I got their fashion from another doll line. I forgot which one, They are wearing clone Barbie fairy shoes.

I got them from a swap with another collector from another country. I believe they were swapped for a Barbie size wig. I wish I can play with them more but I just have too many toys to play with. And to think I still plan to buy more toys.

I wonder if other people get that feeling that they have more than enough toys yet they want more.  I wonder if other people play with a toy while thinking of or wanting another toy to play with.


Oly said...

I feel the same way!! I have a lot of dolls but I feel compelled to get more. I'm trying to slow down now and give more attention to the dolls I thrifted and want to customize.
I have one Dawn doll. She can wear Monster High and La Dee Da clothes. She can also wear the outfit of my Takara compact doll. For the shoes, I found pens with shoe charms.
When I got my Dawn doll, it's strange but I want to get more vintage mini dolls like Pippa and Pamela Love.
Here is my toy blog at Blogger, by the way: jamiestoyblog.

Oly said...

And those clothes looked familiar so I looked them up online. Those are actually from Frankie Stein's fashion pack.

Niel said...

Yay! You're right. Nothing really sticks in my memory for too long when it comes to MH dolls well maybe except for Claudette Gordon.