Friday, November 16, 2012

How to keep your doll busy

Make it (the doll) work.

Hopefully, it will create something like this:



Alrunia said...

Looks pretty great so far! Tiny little storefronts are so adorable. Good luck with the rest of the project :D

Andrea said...

What a cute café. Your Little Blythes are so lucky.

I would so love to have something like this for my dolls, but it would be too large in Barbie scale.

Good Luck on your project, Niel.

D7ana said...

They are too cute- I might lose my battle and get one before the year ends ;-D

Glad to see them busy and happy while busy.

Niel said...

Thanks Alrunia. I finished the table but the legs came out crooked. I may have to rethink the construction for the chair so it won't be crooked. :)

I know what you mean, Andrea. I quit buying Barbie furniture as they take so much space. At least this cafe can fit in a small box.

Thanks Dana. These specific design for the LPS Blythes have been discontinued. Newer versions are not as cute, in my opinion. I hope they're still available when you decide to get one.