Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trekkie Time

Local toy stores are having a hard time getting rid of the 3.75inch Star Trek figures (Galaxy Collection) for years now. Every year, they decrease the price until they cost less than a dollar (US) now, hoping they can stop spending for the storage of these toys. We all know that any business space is better used for something that sells.

I used to watch the TV series and the last movie but I'm no Star Trek fan so I never considered buying these figures. It's only now that I'm liking the 3.75inch figures that made me consider buying them for parts I can use (in custom projects) like hands and holster.

I never really gave them a closer look. And when I did I saw that they came with a lot of props like a chairs  (in red and blue) and some computer dashboard thingamajig. I'm sold. Any furniture that can work with 3.75inch figures can work well with LPS Blythes.

The dashboard thingamajig, I can use with sci-fi scenes for my Marvel action dolls but for now fantard mini Pullip is enjoying the set..


D7ana said...

Your mini Blythes are sooo adorable. I feel my resistance weaken every time you post them.

Tsk, tsk ;-D

(Please don't stop posting them; I would miss them.)

Niel said...

Hi Dana. I think (but not sure) that it is safe to post these Blythes since they are no longer wildly available (in the primary market). Newer releases of LPS Blythes look very different from these. If I can resist the new releases, I bet you can, too.

Long live the resistance! LOL.


D7ana said...

Thanks for the positive wishes regarding my resistance to the LPS Blythes. I also see them in Ross and in Walmart and in Target, but I feel especially tempted to buy them when I see your photos of them posed. Sigh. I commend your storytelling posing ;-D

Niel said...

Oh really? They are still widely available? I hope they are already in marked down prices in case you decide to buy. But I have faith in your resistance. :)

Thanks for the compliments by the way.