Thursday, November 22, 2012

3.75-inch Action Figure Size Comparison

Being new to the 3.75-inch scale, I have to experiment buying a number of figures. I wasn't able to find size comparison for figures in this scale so I decided to make my own.

(L to R)
Mattel Avatar Jake Sully
Playmates Star Trek Spock (Galaxy Collection)
Mattel DC Universe Infinite Heroes The Flash
Jakks Pacific UFC Shogun Rua
Hasbro Marvel Universe Mystique
Hasbro GI Joe Roadblock
Hasbro Marvel Universe Iron Fist
Hasbro Marvel Universe Wonder Man

The Hasbro toys clearly isn't 3.75-inch. I don't get why they don't just call it 4-inch (where 4 inches = 6 feet or 1:18 scale). It is easier to type and is more accurate.

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