Monday, September 17, 2012

Wow With White

Although white is an easy color to wear, it won't be so easy for a guy if it is so short!

The first look is sporty and typical, almost bland if not for the pop of purple. I'm from a tropical country so a blazer is just not part of out basic wardrobe. A blazer and shorts combo seems new to me, but it is not really out there. That just won't work for someone who knows he is special.

So how do you style a pair of white shorts and make a guy wearing it have that wow factor? Give him a little twinkle and take cue from Tony Manero. This look is not about being safe. It's about being a star. Wouldn't you like to dance with this star?


D7ana said...

The last look is the most dramatic and most eye catching. The silvery white does give him a star-like quality.

The first, I love the pop of the purple top with the green-white sneakers. The outline is classic, boy next door, but the color saves it from being boring.

The second look seems overdressed and vaguely nautical. Pip, pip on the ship. White shorts I would associate with heat, the tropics.

Niel Camhalla said...

I do agree with the second look not working so much. It was actually a play on one of Ken's school boy look (Victory Dance) but instead of white pants this one wore white shorts. It looks fun when I first dressed him that way but upon closer inspection, I myself am having some issues with it.

Maybe without the vest and tie, the look may be better. Plus, its making his torso look bulky and legs look skinny. :)

Ms. Leo said...

I too like the first look. D7ana is right that the purple keeps it from being boring. The length of the short work because it is sporty. BTW, I have my eye on that shirt. I just haven't pulled the trigger.

On the second look, it is hard to pull of the shorts and jacket thing! To really make it work the shorts need to be longer... to the knee to make it work. I would then combine it with a madras with blue in it and leave the jack open.

I don't know where he could wear the third look to but a club but it is thinking out of the box.

Niel Camhalla said...

Yes Ms Leo! I like your edit on the second look. :) (I had to google what a madras is, first. Hehehe. I'm just familiar with plaid.) The length of this short is really a challenge when it comes to versatility. I just wanted to try this short shorts on a Ken doll since I observed a lot of clothing lines are introducing them locally.

And regarding the purple top, I have been on the look out for it since I saw it online. I can't make something like that so I had to buy it. And since Ken clothing usually sells fast here, I didn't wait for a sale. :)

D7ana said...

I don't know if you are "on" Pinterest, but this fashion vaguely reminds me of the third look

Niel Camhalla said...

Whew! Dana, that's hot. Thanks for sharing. I'm not on Pinterest nor am I active is other social networking sites. I can't keep up with too many sites. I only stick to Flickr and Blogger.

Ms. Leo said...

Niel, I don't know how people manage all those sites. My head spins just thinking about it!

Andrea said...

Look one looks great to me too. That purple shirt is a real eyecatcher.

Look two, no offense, but he looks like he has outgrown his school jacket, lol. And he really looks too adult to be a school boy.

Look three really makes him shine. The whole outfit says "Look at me".

Niel Camhalla said...

@Ms Leo, me, too.

No offense taken Andrea. :)