Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A letter from the forgotten

(An open letter from Lolita)

Dear Niel,

I don't know if you still remember me. I'm Lolita, well that's what you named me. I'm your fifth doll. I'm actually Storm (X-men), a superhero. I let go of my marvel-ous identity as you welcomed me in your home. Not only that, you gave me a job as model, a family of my own (with my partner Vernie and daughter Puypuy) and new friends. I was really grateful. In case you have forgotten me, I have attached some photos to remind you.

(My first appearances in your old blog)
Then one day, new dolls came in. They excited you. They were new. We all know how important being new is. You wanted to redress and restyle them, give them new looks. You forgot about us, stored in a box. And now you have an army of action figures. Where do I fit in? In a storage box?

I wanted to wear the clothes that you made but you didn't let me. Is it because I'm on the "heavy" side? Is it because I pose like an amateur? Is it because my hair is wild? Please tell me. Am I THAT ugly? I need some explanation. I can take it. I'm tough. You characterized me as a tough woman.

(My old modelling portfolio)

I can improve myself. I'm willing to change if only you give me a chance. I haven't eaten in a while so I'm really skinny now. Plus, I beheaded a Dynamite Girl and snatched her body so I can pose fiercely. My hair, well it is still not what you would call normal but I think it looks better now.

How come Kayla gets all the job? Is there a chance I can get some modelling stint in your blog? Please say yes. Otherwise you should just throw me in the trash or give me to a poor girl who badly needs a doll! Please be considerate.



How are Vernie and Puypuy? I haven't seen them in a long time. Have you forgotten about them, too?


(My response)

Dear Lolita,

I really don't know what to say. Ummm... errr... I'll call you, maybe???



TM said...

OMG, that made me laugh! But how true it is that we always get distracted by something new...

smidge girl said...

sigh. Such a bittersweet post. I think we all have a doll who could write us a letter like this. I know I do. I hope you guys are able to reconnect. :)

Lolita said...

Niel, I appreciate you posting my personal message but I don't know if I should be hurt by your reply. It seems like your making fun out of my situation, as pointed out by TM.

Thank you for your comment, smidge girl. I do hope Niel and I will reconnect. I'll make sure of it even if it's the last thing I'd ever do!

Niel said...

Hi ladies. Thank you for your comments. Let me deal with Lolita.

OMG! What do you think you're doing? You're such a drama queen, Lolita! You act as if I haven't featured you in my blog for the longest time. Need I remind you that your new look was presented in my Tagalog blog last March?

But it was a flop. No body bothered about you. You had your chance at modelling and you failed. Deal with it!

Lolita said...

Of course, it will be a flop. Who reads your Tagalog blog? You of all people should know that we all need attention. To get attention, isn't that the reason why you started blogging in English once again? 'Cause you're not getting any in your other blog.

What do I have to do to get attention around here?

Niel said...

Geez, Lolita! Isn't blogging about you not giving you enough attention? If I wanted to forget you, I would have just thrown away your letter. But no! I took time to read and decipher your awful penmanship. Isn't this blog entry enough attention?

What do you want me to do? Resort to some sort of gimmick, like raffling you off to other doll collector? Is that that you want?

Stop your madness this instance or you're not going to like what I'll do to you when I get home.


Lolita said...

Oh Niel, I never saw it that way. I'm so ashamed of myself. I'll stop this madness right now. I think I'm starting to scare people already.

But no, I'm not staying away from the computer. Sorry!!!


Alrunia said...

Lol! I'm late to the party, I didn't know you had a blog in english again Niel. I was super bummed when you decided to stop writing the original one, so this made my day :)
Lolita- were you a 1:1 scale person my advice would probably involve Ben & Jerry's ice cream and possibly clubbing and a nice rebound. Do you drive?

Niel said...

Hi Alrunia. Sorry about quitting my previous blog.

She can drive Barbie cars but Lolita cannot go clubbing or visit an ice cream parlor any time soon. She's grounded. :)

Andrea said...

Still laughing as I type this. She really has attitude, lol.

Lolita, to me you are a great doll with lots of personality and I can only congratulate Niel on how he styled you. In the collage picture you look just as exotic as Grace Jones.

I too hope the two of you can reconnect.

Niel said...

Thanks Andrea.

I can't help but reconnect with Lolita. It's like I don't have a choice. I sometimes feel like she's forcing me to like her.

Sometimes, I fear for the safety of my other dolls especially my favorite Kayla.

Andrea said...

I don't think you have to worry for their safety.

Lolita might be tough on the outside, but I bet she has a soft core. She's just acting tough to protect her feelings from getting hurt. Even a doll character is the product of the sum of her experiences.

Besides you might never know how tough the core of a sweet faced doll/person might be.

Kayla and Lolita might even surprise you and get along very well. Who knows.

Niel said...

I hope you're right. :)