Monday, September 10, 2012

Last for my high-low

This is my final project for the high-low series, another high-low top. The clothes are really basic. Anyone who knows how to sew doll clothes should be able to make one. The thing I find really interesting these days is the color combo.

When I say i find it interesting, I just don't mean on dolls. I mean, I'm using some colors that pop in my wardrobe as well. Just this year, I bought 3 colored shoes for myself, a turquoise/cyan sneaker, a mustard colored loafers, and a green one with elastic sides. I'm already used to wearing colored tops but I normally just use black, brown (for work) or dark blue (for the sporty look) for footwear. When I was younger I used to have green denim pants but at my age I find it hard to wear colored pants.

So my next project is to style some pants in vibrant colors in male dolls and make it look okay according to my taste, of course. Unlike with my female dolls, I do not want to use too many clashing or matchy-matchy colors. I guess, I don't want to use too many colors in general. The dolls on the background is a sort of preview for my next entries...well that is if I can make it work.


Andrea said...

I like Kayla's casual look. This top seems to be pretty versatile too. I already envisioned it combined with a straight white miniskirt for a more formal outfit.

And Kayla for sure is a doll to rock bold color combinations, that might look like a parrot in disguise on dolls with less personality.

Yikes, did you scalp a doll for her wig? Ballerina Princess Barbie sprang to my mind, when I noticed her hairstyle. The hair color looks so much better on Kayla.

I have been sewing for my dolls on and off over the years. Problem is I never really learned it, so it takes time. And time is rare around our house. I really should take it up again.

I think too much of color or pattern mixing distracts the view from the overall look of an outfit and also from the face. Colors or patterns should enhance the look of a doll for me, and not disguise it.


Niel Camhalla said...

Ahh yes. Personality plays a big part on what to wear (dolls and humans alike). The truth is I initially planned for my Susie doll (by R&D) to model my series of high-low outfits but it seems to me that Susie looks too serious for some color combo.

Regarding her wig, I made it from scratch. :) I did scalp a doll (with bigger head) once for a wig but that didn't work. The wigged doll looked like an egghead with hair. I never tried it again. Hehehe.

Andrea said...

My cudos on the wig. I never tried to root a wig, mostly because I would not even know how to make a non-soft cap, lol.

Yes, Susie has a more conservative look about her. She could have worked for the "Sabrina" look though.

I think skin colouring (dolls and humans) has to be considered for bold color matching. A pale skin can look really odd with bold colors, while a tanned or an AA doll really is enhanced by them.

I love the colors hot pink and fuchsia, but I just can't wear them. They make me look totally sick, lol.


Niel Camhalla said...

Yes I agree. Complexion can affect the colors we choose for our clothes. :)