Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blue Bottom

Blue is generally a safe color  for men to wear.  It is fairly easily to style a blue pair of pants. The first look is for a warm weather while the second, cold. Not that they look bad, but there's really nothing new with either. That just won't do for this fashion sensitive Ken.

I was looking for inspiration on how to style a blue bottom when I came across Pause (an online fashion magazine). I forgot what specific article I got the inspiration from, but it was one of those where they feature what actual people wear on the streets. The main trend was a touch of bold colors in men's wear but one guy caught my attention. He was mixing some military inspired pieces with bold colors. It seems like a major mismatch but I kinda liked it and used it in this look. Bold colors seem to make men look softer or feminine but with a touch of a military piece, there seems to be an added masculinity in the look.


Ms. Leo said...

I like the first two but am unsure how I fell about the third. It might have to grow on you.

D7ana said...

I agree with Ms. Leo about the first two looks.

The third look or the military jacket with the bright blue pants, I would top with a black turtleneck or a white shirt - maybe even an olive drab ribbed knit pullover. The blue striped shirt goes with the pants, but I would seems busy to my eye with the military print.

Then again, I am a fairly conservative dresser ;-D AND these fashions are supposed to be trendy fashionable for MEN ;-P

Niel Camhalla said...

I understand how you feel about the 3rd look, Ms Leo. It does takes some getting used to. The combination is such a rule-breaker and I find it interesting because of that. It's like combining black leather and pink tulle/lace for women and still look sweet. (

Hi Dana. The contrasting pattern (rigid stripes and the free-flowing camouflage) seems interesting to me. With regards to the color combo, I tried black and olive drab but it seems to harsh. Light brown looks well with turquoise-type of blue.

I think this look would look better if the jacket is in the form of a well-fitting windbreaker or a Parsons' jacket rather than a loose military field jacket I borrowed from one of my action figures. But I don't have those kinds of jacket to try and find out. :)

Andrea said...

The first look is a very nice casual vacation look, like he was cruising somewhere.

The second look is perfect for an every day outfit. I just love thoses glasses you gave him.

The third look definitely needs getting used to for me. For me either the stripes of the shirt or the camouflage pattern is just a bit too much.

Niel Camhalla said...

Thank Andrea. The third look really takes some getting use to. Or maybe some editing. I'm thinking the look can still be improved, maybe in future entries. :)

The glasses in the second is from BFC Ink Calista (teen) doll, in case you want to hunt for them. :)