Monday, September 24, 2012

Another idea for Mattel

We almost never run out criticisms on Barbie products. In fairness to Mattel, they listen. I have mentioned in my previous blog that they should do the following and they did.

1. More Asian playline dolls
2. Asian Ken
3. A smiling Asian

So just in case Mattel is listening again, I'm posting this idea here. A lot of Ken collectors have been wanting this so I figured I echo the concern.

How about a rooted redhead Ken? I bet if that comes out even in a less articulated body, people would buy. I guess it would still be cheaper to buy that than to have a Ken head re-rooted with red hair. They can recreate Ken's redhead friend, Alan. Or why not a new Ken for the Dolls of the World line like an Irish Ken? They usually stereotype Irish people as redheads, don't they?

This post was inspired by Ms Leo's blog entry:


Andrea said...

I like the idea of Ken of the world dolls - as long as they will not be just regular Ken in the respective country's traditional clothes. They should have ethnic facial features too. They prooved they can do it with some of the Basics guys.

And yes, I would love a redhead Ken.

Niel said...

It would be nice although I won't expect Mattel to create new molds to show different ethnicity. It would be more costly plus creating dolls with different ethnic facial features is a tricky topic. It's difficult to get it right as different people have different ideas for a specific ethnic group.

As long as they will have a good excuse to create a redhead Ken, I'm good. :)