Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's wear it again

I challenged myself to find the top I made last year (1st photo below) and use it in a new look. I was reminded of this top because it still falls under the high-low category.

A classic look

Aside from the challenge of making something old look new, one has to overcome the physical challenge of sorting through a lot of stash just to find that specific item of doll clothing or accessory. It took me about an hour to find that top as it was almost a year since I used it. I almost forgot where I hid it.

This turned out to be a memory exercise and a test of patience aside from being imaginative.

Kayla's quirky new look.


D7ana said...

I like both looks. That is a versatile top.

Andrea said...

I love the Audrey look, just like a dress out of "Sabrina". Just lovely. And it is also great for a more modern look. You are very talented. I love the lace and embrodery details.

I can so relate to the time challenge and ending up not doing what I had planned originally. I guess from a certain mass of stuff only keeping detailed lists help - but that is even more time consuming.


Niel Camhalla said...

Thanks Dana. When I made the top, I didn't realize that I could use it some other way. I wouldn't haven't known unless I tried. :)

Thanks Andrea. The 1st look was really inspired by that movie.

Keeping a list is not simple as it looks. I'm thinking accounting for our doll stash would require some inventory management software.

We can't treat doll clothing items and accessories as static items as if they're going to stay in just one storage area.

They move from storage to doll to another doll to a different storage and back. Tracking of these movements can be complicated.

Once, I thought I lost a Barbie leather jacket. I kept looking in different bins of clothes but I was not able to find it. Only after a few months did I realize that a doll was wearing it and the doll was hidden in a different storage! Arggh... that's a lot of play time used in hide and seek. LOL.

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you are posting again. I love seeing your clothes. I like both looks, but I'm partial to the first one. Clothes organization, both mine and my dolls, is a source of much discontent. I am constantly trying new things just trying to get to items quickly.

Niel Camhalla said...

Thanks Van. :)

I have to admit I like the 1st look more, too. With regards to organizing stuff, at least we can be thankful we have enough doll stuff!