Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Perceived Personality

I have chosen to style these three guys next. Before I do, I tried to figure out the personalities of the dolls. These are just from what I perceive NOW. Things can change. I don't plan to give them names yet. That's how tentative things are with these dolls. They might get a make over later. Who knows? I haven't played with them enough to figure them out.

First is the 2010 Harley Davidson Ken. Without his tattoo, he doesn't seem like a biker dude to me. His hair seemed always in place like he spends a lot of time in front of the mirror. If he is a superhero he would be Super Vain. He could be a fashionista, always on the look out for something new in fashion. I bet his tattoo is false as he seems like a false hero.

Next is Ken Basics model no. 17 from the jeans collection. He's a guy-next-door type, maybe. He doesn't have a strong character but he seems well-educated. He's usually reserved and often has a blank look on his face. Maybe he's into sports like a lot of guys are. Guys next door may be charming but they are close to boring.

Last is 2011 Doll of the World Japan Ken. He has long hair, a non-conformist. He looks too serious like he's always problematizing something. He seems like he has a lot of pent up emotions, always finding some ways to better express himself. He can be an artist--a poet or a rocker/musician. Often misunderstood, he doesn't seem to be the popular so his works don't sell. That explains the frown. He's like a Byronic hero.

Now, who among them gets to wear the red pants?


affandydesign said...


Niel Camhalla said...

Thank you. I hope they will look as awesome when they're clothed. :)

Ms. Leo said...

The red pants go to Mr. Japan. I agree with you about the images of this dolls. That is how I see them too. My Mr Japan is an artist. My #17 is the boy next door and Harley is a Secret Service agent who is a little vain.
Have you read Ihime post on Barbie Basics with Louboutin mold. I think she captures her pesonality too.

Nice Post!

Niel Camhalla said...

Thanks Ms Leo.

I'm glad you read these dolls the same way. I wonder if others can read/perceive them differently. :)

Thanks for sharing the entry about model 14. To me, she looks unassuming and a bit reclusive. She's a beautiful hippie but I don't sense from her the warmth hippies usually exudes.

Ms. Leo said...

True! She looks sad!

Andrea said...

Harley Ken really looks like a faker in Biker Gear, he is just to styled to fill the part.

Model no. 17 is actually the ideal model, a blanc canvas that can be styled to almost anything. Give him a lab coat and he is a scientist, give him sports gear and he is an athlete...

Japan Ken is my favorite of these guys. He is a personalitiy. I see him as an undercover agent, who has to plan each next move carefully (I always played agents with my dolls as a kid, lol).

I would chose red for model no. 17 or Japan Ken (not if he really was an undercover agent, that would be too extravagant).

Niel Camhalla said...

I agree with you Andrea.

Those characters you mentioned actually crossed my mind. Model 17 could even be a no non-sense business tycoon if he is to be dressed in a fine business suit.

Now my limited wardrobe prevents me from portraying him as such. I would like to make him a business suit but that could be a while, so in the next entries, their characters will be limited to the doll stuff available to me. :)

I already started playing dress up with them, tentatively mixing and matching stuff. I must say that I'm enjoying dressing Japan Ken the most. To think that I had him for months yet I haven't played with him that much.

There was a time when I didn't like playing with dolls that looked like they have attitude problems. I even had a crazy idea to make Japan Ken look more friendly by repainting and cutting his hair. Good thing, I didn't run with that idea. Seeing him as someone trying to withhold his emotions and expressing himself through fashion makes me like him a lot.

D7ana said...

I agree with the assessments of the characters shown with these "refinements":

2010 Harley Davidson Ken could work in the beauty industry as a hair dresser or make up artist or photography - either before or behind a camera. He doesn't look broody artist, but he makes me think of fashion and appearance.

Model 17 ... I would put in a similar field. He seems to have eyeliner on so maybe he's a little more artsy than he appears at first glance. He has a wet-behind-the-ears look that would lead me to cast him as a junior associate if I put him in business. Not 100% sure that that is where I would put him though.

Japan Ken with his long, flowing hair ... I don't see him in a junior position or anything conventional UNLESS he owned a company or was the son of the owner. Between the unconventional hair and his determined looking chin, I would put him in an artistic or leader role.

I have Model 17 and Japan Ken. The former is a model (yeah, not original there, lol) and the latter is a character actor. If I had the new Harley Ken, he would be a make up artist.

I look forward to seeing the evolution of your characters ;-D

D7ana said...

I missed the red pants part ... I'd have to see the actual pants or have more details about them. If they were red leather pants, I think Harley Ken or Model 17 could wear those. I think Japan Ken would refuse to wear them.

If the pants are silky and stylized, then maybe Japan Ken.

Basic red pants with elastic in the waist and pull ons, I do not see any of these guys wearing.

Niel Camhalla said...

Ahh yes, Dana. I'll be showing model 17's flair for style soon. :)

The red pants I was referring to was the one shown in the Kayla's background (worn by model 15).