Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Tale of Two Sales

I'd like to think that if the head is okay, chances are, the limbs are okay as well. In the big picture, Hasbro is doing well while Mattel sales are still low. I wonder how the local distributors of these brands are doing. 

Playkit is the local distributor of Hasbro while Richwell is for Mattel. Recently, both distributors offered discounts on some of their older products. Most of the discounted products were release internationally in the middle of 2013. That was two years ago. Toys arrive locally late compared to other countries. The rainbow Barbie Fashionita arrived at the local toy shelves at the end of 2013. Playkit was rumored to have issues with the local customs. The Marvel Universe figures came later, in the middle of 2014.

The big discount made me buy another item for full price, as a form of gratitude.

Even if the rainbow Fashionista doll have been in the local toy shelves longer than the Marvel Universe figures, the later are being offered with a larger discount (over 60%). The former has a measly 30% discount.

Playkit maybe the smaller company of the two local distributors. I'm saying this because Playkit doesn't even have its own official site outside FB. I'm also guessing that unlike Richwell, Playkit doesn't have enough budget to pay for shelf space for an extend time. That is why they have to drastically lower the price because everything must go, to save on shelf space expense.

I didn't really need all the discounted toys I bought. I got them for parts, to be used in future custom projects. Discounts are about making people buy things they don't really need. If they truly needed the product, it would easily disappear from the shelves, no discounts needed to motivate the buyers. But Playkit also made me buy another item at its original price. I was trying to wait for it to be discounted before I get it but then the other items were being discounted. The illusion that I got big savings (from the discounted items I don't need... yet) made me think that it's okay to buy another at full price. It's something Richwell wasn't able to do, because in my mind, the savings were too little.

Hasbro is doing well compared to Mattel. I'd like to think that the local distributor's success contributed to the international brand's success. I can't be sure which local distributor (Playkit or Richwell) is doing better, but I'm sure a lot of my toy fund has been going to Playkit lately.

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