Monday, July 13, 2015

Bootlegos are more fun than Hasbro's 2.5-inch Avengers

The Avengers is a team and having members missing doesn't make the team as strong. Hasbro left out some characters in their 2.5-inch line so you really can't complete the team. It's a depreciative response to the "Avengers, assemble" battle cry. Way to go, Hasbro, for teaching teamwork!

The Avengers minifigs which are mainly from Sheng Yuan SY275 and SY276

That is not a problem with bootlegos and the minifigs have better articulation than Hasbro's 2.5-inch line. And of course, you can complete even the supporting characters. I still have to find a Falcon and War Machine minifig.

Bootlegos also have better playsets than Hasbro's 2.5-inch line. The former allows the child/adult to be imaginative by giving the person the opportunity to redesign the set.

The best thing about bootlegos is the price. If you had it with big toy companies increasing their prices while lowering the quality, make a statement by not buying their products. Buy something else instead, something worth your pennies. Buying bootlegos is one hell of a statement.

I may not be able to protect the world from increasing toy prices, you can be damned sure I'll avenge it.

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