Saturday, July 4, 2015

Divisoria Rush

Everything costs less in Divisoria. The only thing you have to pay more is attention. Every seller will try to get it. The displayed items will surely have it. Just make sure you have enough attention left for the other people around you.

Paying less attention to everything will cost you your hard earned money. Pickpockets or robbers, Divisoria abounds with those people. Since it is a shopping place and people who shop have money, it is a haven for criminals.

The next challenge is getting the item you want at the best price. That could mean haggling from store to store. This requires a lot of walking and some physical endurance to go to different stores, just to know the going rate for an item. At this stage, you should already size up the sellers if they are willing to haggle. Those who give a high initial price usually plan to drive a hard bargain.

Going to and fro Divisoria is no joy ride. The streets are narrow, the traffic is heavy, the air is polluted making almost every jeepney driver rude. Whether you'll drive or commute, it's stressful.

If you are successful in all of these challenges, you will have the best shopping experience. I always get a rush every time I make a good deal at Divisoria and leave unscathed. Today, I got everything I planned to get and none of those tempting items that weren't on my shopping list.

Like any adventure, shopping in Divisoria makes you a little tougher and wiser. It's not for sissies.

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