Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lele Sentinel (No 78087B)

The box could have been smaller by half. There were no extra piece except for Magneto's hand.

Lele is not as popular as Sheng Yuan (SY) with bootlego collectors because of the quality. There some leftover plastic flash in some pieces. The printed lines are bold compared to SY's. The triangles on the chest is a little off-center. The pieces are also a little darker in Lele's.

Guess which is which.
Since Lele is the only one offering a stand-alone (without the Blackbird) Sentinel, it's a practical choice when building a Sentinel army.

It cost for PhP150 in Cubao. I'm guessing this will be about PhP75 in Divisoria.

Back of the box shows an image from an X-men movie.

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