Friday, July 10, 2015

It's my fault

I think I may have contributed to the increase in the prices of Barbie dolls. Let me explain.

I'm from the Philippines and the salary here is lower compared to developed countries. Yes, the cost of living here is lower so it seems to balance out. That means we get stuff (rent, food, Spotify etc.) for a lower price. The weird things is we get Barbie for a much higher price. (I collect toys from another line but the price difference is little.)

If a low-income (compared to the rest of the world) person is willing to pay more for a doll, why can't people with higher income, right?

Oh, it's not because of the shipping cost that makes us pay more. We're closer to China (where Barbie dolls are made) so shipping should be cheaper. We're just being used as a test market (along with other countries) for the rest of the world.

From time to time, Mattel increases the price to check if people will still buy. They say that it's because of the increase in the cost of production. Do we believe them? It doesn't matter as long as people are always willing to pay more, like the people in my country.

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