Saturday, July 18, 2015

A broke girl in the making

Barbie sales is still falling but it is no surprise, really. All that fluff about diversity, well... it wasn't as successful as planned. Barbie is really a big problem for Mattel now. I wonder how low the sales have to drop before they drop the doll from their roster of toys so they won't go broke.

I'm not worried about the end of Barbie. Some other doll will emerge eventually. Plus, sometimes I think I have enough dolls already. I have too many dolls that I plan to customize and they keep on piling. These days, it's hard to find a Barbie doll that's acceptable as is.

It's hard to be inspired to work on a doll these days. Like this Max Black (2 Broke Girls) doll I'm making. I kinda like her now but she needs more work.

I know it's ironic to take a character like Max Black who is so unlike Barbie in every sense and turn her into a Barbie size doll but then she has a friend who is like Barbie so I guess it's okay to make her a Barbie-friend doll.


Jamie said...

I think she needs widow's peak and probably padding on the chest.

Niel said...

I don't know about the chest. She already has a big bust.
But yes on the widow's peak. Thanks.