Thursday, November 22, 2012

3.75-inch Action Figure Size Comparison

Being new to the 3.75-inch scale, I have to experiment buying a number of figures. I wasn't able to find size comparison for figures in this scale so I decided to make my own.

(L to R)
Mattel Avatar Jake Sully
Playmates Star Trek Spock (Galaxy Collection)
Mattel DC Universe Infinite Heroes The Flash
Jakks Pacific UFC Shogun Rua
Hasbro Marvel Universe Mystique
Hasbro GI Joe Roadblock
Hasbro Marvel Universe Iron Fist
Hasbro Marvel Universe Wonder Man

The Hasbro toys clearly isn't 3.75-inch. I don't get why they don't just call it 4-inch (where 4 inches = 6 feet or 1:18 scale). It is easier to type and is more accurate.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trekkie Time

Local toy stores are having a hard time getting rid of the 3.75inch Star Trek figures (Galaxy Collection) for years now. Every year, they decrease the price until they cost less than a dollar (US) now, hoping they can stop spending for the storage of these toys. We all know that any business space is better used for something that sells.

I used to watch the TV series and the last movie but I'm no Star Trek fan so I never considered buying these figures. It's only now that I'm liking the 3.75inch figures that made me consider buying them for parts I can use (in custom projects) like hands and holster.

I never really gave them a closer look. And when I did I saw that they came with a lot of props like a chairs  (in red and blue) and some computer dashboard thingamajig. I'm sold. Any furniture that can work with 3.75inch figures can work well with LPS Blythes.

The dashboard thingamajig, I can use with sci-fi scenes for my Marvel action dolls but for now fantard mini Pullip is enjoying the set..

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Madelman Action Figure

I recently got a two pack modern Madelman action figure on sale.  These are 6.5-inch action figures produced by a loooong defunct Spanish company called Popular de Juguetes (PDJ). These figures are  a lot lot lot less popular  compared to the vintage Madelman. That is why the PDJ version are usually sold cheap.

I have been curious about the action figure initially because I thought it would be in the same scale as my Heidi Ott (HO) dolls. Although I already knew that they are taller, I was still curious as their props and clothes might still work with the HO's dolls. I left my HO dolls in the province so they were not included in the comparison photo.

From left to right: modern Madelman, Breyer doll, Britney Spears doll and Aaron Carter doll

The Madelman figures were in military attire, which I don't usually want on my dolls. The thing that made me buy are actually the two pairs of boots. HO shoes are expensive!!! Getting two pairs for US$4+ dollars is a good deal. I'm hoping they will fit the HO dolls. In the mean time I tried them on other dolls that more or less have the same foot size as the HO's like Licca and Skipper. I did have to slit the back part of the boots to allow the feet to slide in.

I have found out that some action figure props can be used in smaller dolls. More about that in the next entry.