Saturday, June 6, 2015

Who is Barbie?

A video entitled "Who is Barbie?" was posted on Youtube recently. The answer to the question was shown in the frame below.

It is attempting to redefine Barbie as dolls of different ethnicities rather than just the blue-eyed blond with the rest as just her friends. Mattel is trying to score some relatability points with the campaign.

Will this work? I doubt it. For it to work, they should change all images of the blue-eyed blond in non-doll Barbie merchandize like kid's clothes, school supplies, party favors, books, similar items AND all their tags and labels. I mean billboards, too. How about in Barbie's IG account, will there be race-bending?

Plus, how will they explain the other dolls having different names like in the Life in the Dream House webisodes? There's going to be a conflict with Barbie having an identity and Barbie trying to be everybody.

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