Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sheng Yuan No. SY327 Quinjet

There was no inner tray or box and the big plastic bag containing the small packs was torn. The cover of one instruction manual was almost torn because of the packing design. I was worried my set was incomplete but fortunately everything is there. The comic version of the Black Widow is shown on the box but the set comes with the movie version.

I wish they made finding the parts easier so I won't have to worry too much. There's no comic book and brick remover like in the original Lego set, which is no big deal.

I hurt myself building this because I was too sleepy. I stayed up late to build it. That could only mean that I have a new addiction.

Comparison with the X-men's Blackbird


tomi Tersol said...

i need help,do you have a second part of the instruction booklet?thank you!

Niel said...

You can follow the instructions for the original Lego set posted online.

Here is an example: