Monday, June 15, 2015

Hell no, Hasbro!

The lack of attention on the 4-inch Marvel action dolls by Hasbro could be taken as a tactic by the company to make the consumers buy more of their other products, specifically the Legends line. Previous releases of the 4-inch version had collectors torn between those and the Legends line. That could spell a split in the sales. Hasbro decided to release less of the 4-inch line and adding salt to injury, they have reduced the articulation.

They also have a 2.5-inch line but for people like me who thinks smaller is better for a miniature world, brick minifigures are better options. They are a lot cuter, too. They also have a bigger universe from DC to Marvel to manga and even TV series characters! With those 2.5-inch Hasbro figures, well...good luck with that. People only want them for their elaborate playsets, something the brick toys can definitely offer.

So no, Hasbro won't be taking my money. Instead it will go to the Chinese companies who manufactured these knockoff Lego toys which we'll call bootleg-o. These companies initially started copies of the Lego products but they have already started releasing their own designs. You should expect people from the upcoming Superpower to have some ingenuity otherwise they wouldn't be able to gun for world supremacy, right?

Now, let's see if Nick Fury here can assemble the X-men.

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