Friday, March 18, 2016

Not a St. Patrick's Day Entry

First thing first, we are not celebrating St. Patrick's Day. It just so happens that the skirt I have is green. I have created this skirt last year but I can't seem to find the right girl to wear it. I also don't have a top that can go with the skirt. Luckily, I found a mint green top but it didn't have the same look of the skirt. I decided to undo some stitches to make the top look tattered.

The doll I want to wear the skirt shouldn't have too much makeup. A messy hair goes with the theme. Redheads wearing green are almost stereotypical in Barbie dolls so I initially didn't want to make her wear green. I did some test shots and liked it so I went ahead.

The garbage bag as a backdrop adds to the messed up look. And that's how much effort to look like a hot mess.


I still feel like making a dress specially for this doll. Her messy hair is temporary.

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