Monday, March 21, 2016

My Goddess

Next to the Lea/Kayla face mold, the Goddess mold is my 2nd favorite. Here are my top 5 dolls from my collection using the Goddess mold. At least, they are the top 5 for now.

The middle and right most heads were shrunken but the middle head shrunk more. Head shrinking is more like cooking than baking. The middle doll's cheeks looks less chubby compared to the plump faces of the rest. I made the eyes of the middle doll smaller, from the previous entry, since she has a slightly smaller face.


Dollz4Moi said...

Is the pale lady with the red hair from the Dancing Princess line? My favorite headmolds are original Nichelle, Mbili, Kayla/Lea, Goddess, 2002 AA. I have to do a inventory badly

Niel said...

You're right about the Edeline doll. :)