Monday, March 14, 2016

Divisoria Deadpool

Ever had that feeling of wanting to buy a toy, any toy, even if you don't really want it? You then make up justifications of buying the toy, like you can sell it if you're sure you don't want it, or you can customize it to something you really want.

That's the case for this 4-inch Divisoria Deadpool action doll. This gray-black suit is Deadpool's uniform when he was a member of the X-force, the more millitant version of the X-men. Hasbro released an official X-force Deadpool (middle and right images above). It can be seen how the gray Divisoria Deadpool is different from the official release, from the scabbard, to the belt pouches and the holster. This Divisoria figure won't pass as the original. No wonder, online sellers are not selling this.

The same thing can't be said about the red Divisoria Deadpool. It looks like the original X-men Origins comic version Deadpool. The gray Deadpool is just a repaint of the red, except maybe for the head. They have different head sculpts. The gray is bigger.

A lot of Deadpool stuff are being sold in Divisoria. They have the Marvel Legends and Select scales. I only care about the 4-inch stuff. The red or gray Deadpool is being sold for PhP500 each.

I found this toy car while thrifting. I thought it was cute with the opening doors. The 4-inch dolls could also fit in. It is missing the roof but I don't care. I might create a makeshift roof or I could just leave it as is. It's a Lil Bratz Lil' Coupe.

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