Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ice cream doesn't stand a chance

The only other doll that is interesting in this lineup, aside from Team Glam (16) is the Ice Cream Romper (17). I don't have many dolls with burgundy hair. The mint glasses and romper are cute, too. The rest of the dolls are either meh or looks similar to a doll I already have.

Most people I saw with burgundy hair usually has a strong personality but doll 17 doesn't seem to have that. She just needs a makeover. She's a little bolder now after head shrinking, a repaint and some hair styling. She's gonna melt some ice cream!


Dollz4Moi said...

She looks like a different doll. I may experiment with some head shrinking but I'm not a repaint artist. I may try with a couple of the bigger head ladies. I love how she turned out.

Niel said...

Thank you. I hope your experiment turns out great.