Monday, February 29, 2016

Making Your Mark

I wonder how other people mark fabrics for sewing doll clothes. This site has a number of good options: I don't know where I can find locally some of the items there.

I have water based pens but the mark they leave on printed fabric is not very visible. Since it's water-based, it seeps through the fabric. I want the mark to stay on top of the fabric and very visible even on a printed  fabric.

The tailor's chalk is too hard. The soft fabrics, like chiffon, move a lot when marking with a tailor's chalk.

The dermatograph makes thick lines. We know how a few millimeters off and it could mean a bad fit. I love these Dong-A Twistable Color Pencil for the job. If only they were sold separately and with neon colors...

Friday, February 26, 2016

Mini-Dolls Comparison

From left to right:
Compact doll by Takara
Grandmother doll by Town Square
Grandfather doll by Horsman
Father doll by Horsman
Unknown doll by Simba
Unknown doll by unknown manufacturer
Customized Heidi Ott doll
Longlocks doll by Topper
Aaron Carter doll by Play Along
Britney Spears doll by Play Along
Unknown doll by Breyer
Madelman doll by Popular De Juguetes