Saturday, October 17, 2015

Frustrating Fashionista

The stiff Fashionista dolls are on sale (30% off) locally. It was the first time I saw some variants on the shelf and I was surprised about the discount. It usually takes a year before they offer it on a discounted rate.

Most local collectors are probably either not interested because of the stiffness, or already bought from online sellers. (I will not go through the hassle of online buying for dolls like these, to be honest.) The local distributor must be frustrated with the nicer online sellers who offer the dolls earlier.

I got these two for their novelty. The rest seems meh. I would have gotten the dark goddess but she's more frustrating to acquire.

The redhead can use Raquelle's body but the blond is a challenge. None of my articulated body is a match. Mattel really knows how to frustrate.

Also, if you noticed, there is no dark-skinned doll in the line up. The Asha doll with purple plaid skirt is also available but she's not really dark-skinned. Hurray for diversity, right?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Doc Ock

This is the first toy I've bought after all the changes I have to deal with. The dust hasn't settled yet and that means uncertainty. I just want things to seem like normal, hence a blog entry.

Doc Ock as Superior Spider-Man said, "...being a super hero is like being mad: one does the same thing time after time and expects differing results." The thing is, even if you try to do the same things over and over like a routine, life can still lead to unexpected outcome. And no matter how hard you try to restore a former routine, some things can't go back to the way it was.

Friday, August 28, 2015

White Queen

There's an upcoming 4-inch action doll for Emma Frost from the Marvel Infinite Series line. I can't say I'm excited about it. Most of my X-men are in their vintage costumes and the modern Emma won't fit in. I decided to create my own Emma Frost as the White Queen from the Hellfire Club using Psylocke as the base. I wanted her skin to be fairer so she was painted all over.

I have been putting off this project because I couldn't get the parts I want, specifically the heeled feet from the Baroness (G.I. Joe). I also used the Baroness' hair. I just made it shorter. I also had difficulty in repainting the small face. It's hard to keep the small eyes from looking derpy, especially if the face mold is not all that pretty to begin with.

Although the action doll could use some more polishing and detailing, I decided to take pictures right away. I can't be sure when I can go back and work on her again.