Saturday, October 17, 2015

Frustrating Fashionista

The stiff Fashionista dolls are on sale (30% off) locally. It was the first time I saw some variants on the shelf and I was surprised about the discount. It usually takes a year before they offer it on a discounted rate.

Most local collectors are probably either not interested because of the stiffness, or already bought from online sellers. (I will not go through the hassle of online buying for dolls like these, to be honest.) The local distributor must be frustrated with the nicer online sellers who offer the dolls earlier.

I got these two for their novelty. The rest seems meh. I would have gotten the dark goddess but she's more frustrating to acquire.

The redhead can use Raquelle's body but the blond is a challenge. None of my articulated body is a match. Mattel really knows how to frustrate.

Also, if you noticed, there is no dark-skinned doll in the line up. The Asha doll with purple plaid skirt is also available but she's not really dark-skinned. Hurray for diversity, right?

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